Password-protect CIS settings

hey I want to ask about that.

What does it do actually? what does password protected CIS do? and if it stopped the alerts then what do you mean by that. What happens when a defense+ event is triggered? Are they blocked by default without the alert showing up when I have the CIS password protected? So the password is meant to prevent insider abuse(user abuse)?

Every time you try to alter the settings you are asked for the password only one time which allows you to change the settings until you close the gui.
If you suppress the alerts they are blocked, I keep a check on the logs and if needed create a rule manually.

Not so much insider abuse as the user clicking to allow to just stop repeated alerts, I have only suppress Firewall and Defence+ alerts not the antivirus alerts.

including hacker? If so then it is a must to enable password protection

[at]Dennis: thanks. But I don’t think I’m able to supress defense+ it’s rather noisy I have many application which prompted defense+ sometimes I wonder whether defense+ could actually forget its set policies. But I will supress defense+ when a guest is using my PC.

Which mode are you running, in Safe mode I ran all apps. that might be used then setup password and suppress alerts only had a couple of blocks so far.
You should only be having the odd alert by now.

No, I mean you don’t really have to worry about hackers changing your configuration even if you don’t password-protect it. In order to change CIS settings, a hacker would need an access that CIS would prevent him from having in the first place.

Password-protecting CIS settings is for preventing changes made by other users of the same computer.