Password problem

Any idea what to do when Disk Shield doesn’t recognise the password for settings? I can’t disable it without knowing the password, nor can I use the Safe Mode disable, nor can I uninstall it. It’s not me that doesn’t know the password - the application isn’t accepting it.

Ewen :frowning:

Hey Ewen,

Had you set the password ?
I can remember on time i was fooling around with malware on a CDS active that out of the blue it figured i had put a password on it, which was definitely not the case, i never touched the password properties.

Hey Ronny,

Yep, I set a password on it but it now says I’m not entering it correctly.

Ewen :slight_smile:

It looks like CDS don’t use the registry nor ini files but it saves its settings in %windir%\System32\cds.dat

My guess is that that file will contain also CDS virtualization cache (I’ve not tested this but if the file size will grow when CDS protection is active that’s it).

Deleting that file will also restore CDS default settings.