password manager

Hi Just wondering if anyone has used keepassxc or any other offline manager? I did use masterpassword+ and secure login addons on waterfox but these are no longer updated. Recommendations greatly appreciated. Cheers

A few good offline managers here Free Password Management - SnapFiles

Here is a giveaway version of Password Depot 12. You have to grant it internet access to unlock it but then you can block it after that. It has the option to integrate with browsers or not. Under options disable check for updates. The current version is 15 but this version is rock solid. If you want to give it a try.


I have used KeePass for several years.

It’s a simple tool to use; I certainly don’t use all of its features.
For what I need it does the job.

I haven’t used any of those before.

Won’t a pen and paper do?

Think the OP was talking about not the original KeePass. I like the KeePassXC UI but not truly offline. It has to download those shiny icons to match the site if you check the screenshots or block it and assign your own ? Freeware wise KeePass is still the king especially with the “enter master key on secure desktop” option enabled. I think KeePassXC lacks that option ?

Depends on where you keep the paper ! :slight_smile:

I use KeePass the same as domo78, but can be quite restrictive or awkward to set up as the plugins used to enable it to do extra things - like browser add-ons - are developed by third parties and so you have to be trusting of the developer or they may not support or develop for very long.

I have not tried Keepassxc, but I’m currently testing BitWarden as is very similar to LastPass in ease of use and states

Enterprise-Grade Security and Compliance

Protect your online data using a password manager you can trust. Bitwarden conducts regular third-party security audits and is compliant with Privacy Shield, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, SOC2 and SOC3 security standards.

Pricing is free for individuals across all types of supported devices, unlike LastPass that is now only free on either PC or mobile, has to be a paid plan to use on both.

Pen and paper are fine :-TU so long as you keep a carbon copy off site for disaster recovery incase you spill your coffee on the original :smiley:

Yeah, I must quit putting my mug on that paper and find another way to hide it.
In case of coffee disaster recovery I dig the carbon copy out the backyard if those ■■■■ squirrels didn’t take it.

Yeah I’ve set up keepassxc restricted internet with FW don’t need the shiny icons. If I check updates I’ll disable FW for that. Looking good for now for what I wanted. ie ease of password inputs{not financial). Will have a look at the first recommendation also. cheers