password manager and module for checking e-mail

A password manager engaged in CIS equal to LastPass. Also a module for checking e-mail and a spam filter for email clients. (written message using google translator) :-La

I agree that a Password Manager with a super encryption password generator designed and offered by COMODO for free would be FANTASTIC and really needed by everyone on earth.

+1 :slight_smile:

Last pass is working well, why recreate somethings that is working ?

keepass too, I like it better :slight_smile:

thanks for consideration to topic

I could not understand what you said. Translation in google translator did not make much sense.


With a little help could understand. It’s simple, the comodo antivirus developed although there is already this kind of product on the market, I think because there were consumer (demand for this service) and possibility of profits from this product market. If these two factors are for services that I quoted is enough to deselvolver Products mentioned reason. Besides the development of a product that uses encryption have everything to do with the services provided by comodo. 8)