Hi .
This message is to find out how I can send a personal memo to the CEO, as a business man to another, with regards to the reactions of the company sales force to inquiries and business in general. Some are good, but some rather very nonchalant, thus treat peoples with very unprofessional manners.
I am interested in distributing Comodo products and have been registered since last year. But until this afternoon I had a very high impression of Comodo until one of their sales guy broke my zeal.
I hope I can get through to the top, because 40 years experience in business can simply not be ignored.
Thank you

Please check Comodo Sales Support | Contact Our Support Team for Your Inquiries.


Hi Lee

I am sorry about this.

I have your PM and will look into it.



Hello again Melih.

It has been a while since we last connected. I have had so much resolved since then but I am now stranded with not only a long distance problem, but I have found with Comodo Complete 58 rootkits that I cannot remove. I tried using CCE and each time it hangs and reboot and nothing happens. Comodo Comple finds the rootkits, but is unable to quanrantine them or remove them. I am in Africa and the network is so lousy that I am using Cellular network to navigate, which make it difficult for me to contact Geekbuddy. I found out that you sent a tool to someone recently, and wonder if that tool could also help me. I am due to be back in Europe again in two weeks, but I am concerned that when I get back, my customers might be having the same problems. I am looking forward to hearing from you and thank you greatly for what you are doing.
Best wishes.