Paranoid Mode

I have a question. I’m using CIS 4.x and I usually run it in paranoid mode. Sometimes I have to temporarily turn it off. At times I forget to turn paranoid back on. Is there anyway to automatically turn it back on after “X” time?

Not yet. I don’t know if it ever will be implemented.;msg253926#msg253926

I think Comodo relies on Windows Security Center to warn you about this… :-\

Windows Security only warns for CFP and CAV disable. It doesn’t warn about Sandbox and D+ at all. A timer would be very welcome! I’m still waiting…

On Win7 it also works for alerting on D+
But I’d like to see this also as a “nice to have” feature…

That’s good to know. I’m still using WinXP and it’s limited to just the FW and AV warning. Thanks for the tip!

A method for alerting a user when Defense+ is disabled -