Panda :-/

Alright guys!

Just got Panda IS today from Ebuyer…I know Panda 88) but it was cheap as chips at £8.00 Including postage! Ive noticed that it uses quite a bit of ram so I just installed the AV…Not alot of performace decrease though… I have 2GB of ram.

So what do you lot think of it? I don’t know to keep it or go back to Avast! To be fair though I’m not a complete idiot and I don’t need something to pick up EVERYTHING because well 88) you know…

I wouldn’t trust it. Especially the firewall. Better off with Avast and Comodo.

Meh, I didn’t put the firewall on…Always have to have Comodo…Unless I have KS 8…

It’s all the matter of taste :slight_smile: Do you feel comfortable with it ?
The good thing - Panda 2008 firewall (you have 2008 right ?) is like Nortons. ;D No questions asked. You install and forget. Bad thing - It leaks like no tommorow ;D
As for the Antivirus - it’s not very bad, but not on par with Avira, Kaspersky and such. And of course - it’s heavy >:( (and the response time for new threats is long)

BTW - Panda 2009 BETA is available for download :slight_smile:

Cheers for the reply, I don’t know if I like it or not ??? It feels faster than KS 7 but you know :-\ I’ll try 2009 now…Can’t imagine my license working with it though :a0

It probably wont, since it’s beta

Here’s a thread where Panda 2009 is being discussed :slight_smile:

The new UI is actually…Nice :slight_smile: still uses **** loads of ram…even if it was 8 quid 88)


76MB ram for a AntiVirus :o WTF I want a refund :cry:

76 ? :-X U better off with Norton ;D

Really - grab Avira Free and forget about those 8 pounds ;D

Think I will ;D Pished off though… ripped a poor college student like me off… >:( Atleast I can stop that bent popup on Avira update with Comodo :stuck_out_tongue:

Time to restart 5 times just to uninstall this ■■■■ :THNK

Please don’t do it the regular way. Not with Panda ! Get Revo Unistaller first. And uninstall Panda using advanced mode. When you will be asked for reboot - don’t and let Revo clean up the registry of the leftovers made by Panda. The program (Revo) is really safe and easy to use :slight_smile:

Panda is the spanish Norton.
I’m spanish and i hate Panda,hahaha.