Panda URL filtering: Unknown????

i Have always been used panda url filtering with comodo without any problem, but yesterday(and today) i get the message from comodo firewall that an unknown program “panda url filtering” is trying to connect to internet, do i need to reinstall my comodo? or is a problem in comodo servers? Is this a kind of war against panda because they(panda url filtering) do not support comodo browser?

There are two things that could explain what’s happening. CIS had a temporary glitch with the cloud look up or may be Panda url filtering application has updates its self and was not in the white list yet.

Open View Active Processes List in D+ and see if panda url filtering application is trusted or not.

It is still unknown, i have tried with killswitch and it says FLS.Unknown. I have uploaded the file to virustotal and it is ok.

Please submit it in Submit Applications Here To Be Whitelisted - 2012 to get it whitelisted.