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Hi everyone,
I just want to hear your opinion on Panda Cloud 1.3. I bought a new pc and I want to install it with Comodo Firewall and Defense+.

I have heard some good reviews about Panda and some not so good, but one troubling issue keeps popping up; apparently Panda likes to turn itself off from time to time for no apparent reason with some users. Have you considered running CIS in its entirety, AV and all?

I think that there are better free solutions, Panda Cloud is somewhat unpredictable in it’s detection rates. One day it is amazing then the next it can hardly keep up with eicar. Comodo, Avast and MSE are all better than Panda cloud in my opinion. This should really go under Other Security Products.

Panda is a winner in FPs.

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If you use comodo’s D+ then it doesn’t matter which AV you pick.

It still does. It helps people who need a definite sign that something is malware not get infected. Defence+ is user dependant, where as an AV would give people who don’t know how to answer at least some form of help.

Any antivirus of his/her choice will do as long as you have a strong HIPS module ie DEFENSE +. I don’t want to go into a A versus B discussion. If he/she likes Panda cloud av then use it if not then use another av product.Siimple as that ;D have a great day.

wow, I didn’t know norman and panda had alot of false positives.

Hi Yoshua,

I used Panda version 1.1 and 1.2. I started using because i saw great reviews.
But i should warn you about something, panda products and Comodo products may not get along very well.
I had some problems in the past, even using the exclusion option.
I talked with the moderators (panda) back then and they confirmed it.
Here is the link Panda Free Antivirus - Panda Security Forum.
But that was with Comodo 4. Right now i use CI5 only. I do not even use sandboxie, i use the manual sandbox of Comodo (i am paranoid about conflicts :D).
With Comodo 5 and panda 1.3, maybe is a different story. Just wanted to let you know.

From what I’ve seen from Norman I’m suprised that it even detects anything falsely.

Did PAV Pro having Cloud security too ?

To be honesy I think CIS is everything you need but Avast( Avast gives you most protection that an Av can give for free) or avira are getting well with CFW. Don’t forget to add them here CIS —> Defense+ —> Defense+ Settings —> Execution control Settings —> Detect shellcode injections (i.e. Buffer overflow protection) —> Exclusions —> Add —> Browse…

I have hear various review about panda cloud av and I have had it myself. is good but it also depend what you expect from it.

Valentin N

Avast and Avira have buffer overflow issues?

I’ve used both and haven’t seen any problems with buffer overflow. Are you perhaps suggesting to exclude the other AV’s program folders from CAV’s scans? Because yes, that is a good idea.

I have seen that some people have high cpu usage when they use Avast, Avira and some other together with CFW and the best way solving it is through added them in exclusions of detect shellcode injections.

Valentin N

I have used Panda Cloud before. It is a good product considering. And yes, it is quite unpredictable as “Panda likes to turn itself off from time to time for no apparent reason”. Although it rarely happens to me.

I know all av’s slow down the pc but panda cloud is incredibly heavy. Not the cpu usage or memory consumption, but more on start-up time, shutdown, file opening, saving, and the like. You’re better off with Avast 5 in this regard. Panda is also rather sensitive and would quarantine harmless jokes, but a lot of av does this. Only that panda hates them more. And last thing to consider is that I am a fan of their logo. I like pandas. ;D lol.

Sorry but i must disagree with some of this comment.
Defence+ does generate some pop=ups that does clearly state that malware activity is occuring.
A malware heuristics alert.
So not all of the pop-ups are user dependant.


:slight_smile: Just wait until DACS is integrated into CIS…
Then It will be much much less ‘user independent’



Omg when will this be and how long will we have to wait. Any idea of when it will be released?