panda cloud antivirus free 3.0

I’m testing actually panda cloud antivirus free 3.0,

looks not that bad,
if anyone tried it, what do you think about it ?

Still heavy on startup. Otherwise, good detection rate and general performance. CPU usage sometimes spikes causing slow downs, but very rarely particularly during installation of newly downloaded programs.

Oh really ? i didnt notice any change, maybe you don’t use it on a SSD ?
here it’s installed and i noticed nothing different, that’s also why i like it.
anyway my laptop with a SSD still starts in like 10-15 sec with all loaded.
it’s simple, the interface is windows 8 still , not bad.
i like the process monitor, it keeps all process used and give you all the url process connect to.
that’s great for system process like svchost that ask for a lot of outgoing but comodo just tell me the ip.
and i see in panda process monitor that it’s all MS url so i’m okay.
the scan is very fast even the full one.
i saw panda scored 100% in for “real world protection test” in may 2014, dont know if the website is known as serious but it looks like… 100% in real world protection test seems to be a good reason to install it and test. it’s free.
the shareware version AV has a FW, i dont need, i use comodo FW, and I dont know why i would change my firewall, it works just as i want.
it’s some free AV solution that people should test. I have nothing bad to say about it.
they say there are ads, i saw one little on the left side down, once in 2 weeks.

try it and give your opinion if you have time.



I’m not sure but I think it’s the first AV that incorporated cloud technologies. It’s OK but not so complete as CIS.
I like xandora. It’s also interesting that you get pictures of the desktop.

Hello qmarius,

what do you mean about : " It’s also interesting that you get pictures of the desktop." ?
you want me to post a screenshot or something else ? i don’t understand.


No. They have a service similar to ‘camas’ which is responsible for file verdict named ‘xandora’.
Besides analyzing the behavior of executables it contains other stuff such as desktop screenshots. (not sure now as I didn’t use it for a long time)
The only downside is that the website fails most of the time (probably) because of the server load.

Panda Collective Intelligence 225.123.707 (Malware & goodware analyzed)
The generated report includes detailed data about modifications made to the Windows registry or the file system or other processes and of course it logs all generated network traffic. The analysis is based on running the binary in an emulated environment and watching.

Probably not as complete as CIS but I prefere the comodo firewall.
I like to separate the usage of the applications.
Got one nice Firewall, I didnt have any aV but after 1 year or more, it’s better to install something able to scan if bad things are detected.
Sophos detected 2 kind of problem but it was classified as not very dangerous. but the sophos scanner has no option, you scan then you clean or not and you cant chose what to clean, it’s all or nothing.
So I searched for some scanner simple with correct protection.
Panda free seems correct.
but I use it only for a little more than a week, so It’s not enough to be sure it’s really good.
I use comodo Firewall for a long time now and It’s what i really want from a firewall.