Panda Cloud Antivirus (Final) Released

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Panda released it’s Cloud antivirus as a stable version now : Free antivirus for Windows and Android - Panda Security

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I’ve waiting for this,
Did you have a changelog for this update ?

Check out my reviews, I did one of v1.0 today.

I will see your review, but first to say my opinion.Version 1.0 is awesome.I like it very much.Simple and powerful.

Awesome. This is the first ‘Pure’ Cloud antivirus ?

is it good? :-La

In the languy99’s review-> Panda Cloud AV V1 0 Review - YouTube, panda was killed by one nasty malware, but as you can see here->

it’s not just Panda problem.:))

And yes, it’s good.:slight_smile:

MBAM didn’t catch it too.

Impressed. Very simple and fast. (Languys review showed roughly 30meg memory usage at installed… but as I explained earlier to him thats because it’s “doing it’s thing” Scanning the memory and building\syncing it’s cache) Which happens only at install.

How does this work? does it transmit all hashes over the internet connection? or is there some sort of local cache?

runny thing, comodo catches that malware, this is how I test software, I use zero day. If a piece of software can pass one of my tests it would do great in real life, if it can’t then it will not simple as that. I pick very low detected malware on purpose.

Well, my friend, i do the same thing.:)) I just want to say, that one piece of malware is nothing.Today i have grabbed a-squared anti-malware and it still doesn’t detects it, but stays in first place in almost all detection tests.:))

I still would not put my faith in a cloud based AV solution. It just seems too much to expect that the servers will always be up and running.

If nothing else, this is a very light program to run. That’s always a good thing.

Can’t really say about anything else yet. I have sent a few undetected malware samples. It’ll be interesting to see when these will be added to the DB.