Paid GB not working for months, Comodo knows it, but no action, they don't care.

For several months my paid version of GB is not working (Again! It happened before). Comodo knows about it and could not solve it during a remote session several weeks ago and since then I never heard from them again. I have followed up by email, inluding Alp Eren, but no response.

Comodo does not seem to care at all whether their paying customers get services or not. My advice: Do not by GB!

As you may know, we have had various sessions with you and our managers in attempt to solve your issue. Your AV database problem was resolved and your database receives the updates smoothly now. Because of a specific firewall condition in your PC, we experienced issues deploying plugins to your PC via our GeekBuddy application. I will rearrange another meeting with our agents to attempt to resolve any other issues you may have.
Please tell me your available time frame through e-mail.

As you know, my GB issues were not resolved and I did not complain here about the AV update problems, which were finally solved after a couple of weeks! The firewall in my PC is Comodo, therefore it is strange that you say it causes problems with your own product. Your technician informed you at the end of the remote session that he could not solve the problem with GB, and that the technical or development team would have to work on it. Since then I never heard back from anybody at Comodo/GB, not even when I sent a follow up email recently. I only seem to get a response when I go public, which is not providing confidence in your customer support. I have paid for GB services, but nobody seemed to consider it necessary to follow up from your end to make sure the paying customer gets his promised services. During the last year, I have by now had several months where GB was/is not working. Pay for 1 year and be lucky if you get a few months services out of it?

GB opens a chat window, but your technicians cannot see the messages I type and after a while they close the session. Also, when I run the PC scan within GB, it stops close to 100% but never finishes the scan. You have my email address and I am available today and tomorrow afternoon in Thailand.