Package not deploying

PLease let me know if I have missed something. I’m trying to deploy a package for XP. This is what I have done :

  1. Successfully installed the CRM agent on the XP box.
  2. Moved the XP box into a Group within CRM.
  3. Created a Package using the CFP_CRM_Setup_XP_x32.msi file.
  4. Created a Sequence using the Package I just created.
  5. Created a Task using the sequence I just created and the Target is the Group I created in CRM.
  6. I schedule it Type Once and then Execute the Task.

The package isn’t being deployed to the XP Box but I’m not getting an error in the logs on the server that CRM is installed on or the XP Box.

Also, the Package (when I open it) is missing the MSI File (the path is now empty) and the Upload MSI binary is unchecked. I can’t click on the box with […] either.

So did I miss something simple or skip a step?

Edit -

Ok, I found the Tasks Results Manager. I currently have 3 jobs being executed (all the same job for the same XP machine) and 2 that have failed.

Currently being executed -

7/14/2008 2:27 pm
7/14/2008 2:49 pm
7/18/2008 11:27 am

Failed -

7/14/2008 3:31 pm
7/17/2008 2:30 pm

I’ve stopped and started the services on the XP box as well as the server, rebooted the server and rebooted the XP box.

It is Ok that that the path field is empty. It is needed if you want to reupload the package.
You should check “Upload MSI binary” if you want to do that, then this field and the button […] become available.

Please, look at failed tasks in Tasks Results Manager.
There should be ResultCode and Message after the Status.
What are they?

And do you have Comodo firewall previously installed on your XP box?

0x00000653 This Installation path could not be

No, this is the first time any Comodo product will be installed on the XP box.

It finally went through and I don’t know why. It took 17 minutes, according to the Task results. In the mean time, I tried another MSI package. After 3 attempts, the other package went through. The first two attempts (all 3 were an hour apart) are still at Executing. As are the Tasks for the firewall MSI package.

Anyway to clean up the Task Results? Or cancel a Task that still says Executing?

I’m going to try another MSI package and try to figure out why the Tasks are hanging.

Just deployed an MSI of Putty in 37 seconds. I’m not sure why it has suddenly started to work.

However now I can’t seem to apply the global settings to the firewall app on the XP box. The job is successful but nothing changes on the box.

warlockvix, how do you check the changes on the box?

Right-click on the comodo icon in the task bar. I have the security level’s at Training (or rather, it is set in Training in the configuration I am pushing). When I right click on the icon in the task bar, the levels are still at Disabled. Then I retrieve the comodo firewall configuration via CRM. The retreived settings are different than the configuration I am pushing.

However, I received an email late Friday night about the new version. I am going to install that and see if things change. :SMLR

Before you install new version, please, give me some additional info about your current deployment status:

  1. What is the firewall status on general tab when you open it from task bar on the box?
  2. What is the ResultCode of your set config task in Task Result Manager?