p2p users tip!

howdy beautiful comodo forum people, first things first (R), yeaaaah!
now you guys into p2p, I ve noticed that disabling udp traffic (did it via router’s gui) makes downloading easier, just think that most DoS attacks use this protocol. then I ve noticed that DHT network is also a bad neighborhood. all clients permit disabling DHT, you can try that. maybe DHT is using udp but I dunno n I dont care about that. all I know is that it could work for you too! ( try these separately or both to see which does the trick; it would show in proactive defense counter and pg2). (this topic might be covered someplace in the forum but I wouldn’t know)

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well, dht really sucks, here’s what lacadaemon from h33t says on it:

it is very important to disable the evil DHT and disable peers swapping peer details in your download manager. with evil DHT enabled an evil ip can connect to the swarm and track your downloads without going thru the tracker.

nicely put, huh?

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