p2p request for port 80 in CFP v3

Hi (:WAV)

I would like to ask if it is ok to allow my p2p client when it ask to connect at my port 80 (http)
i had created a rule in CFP to ask first if the p2p client is trying to connect to the port 80 (http)

If my memory serves me well port 80 is a dangerous port…
should i renew my rule and make comodo block any p2p client that is connecting to the port 80?


errr, i’ve asked similar question here:

i just allow it (:TNG)
i think it’s not a serious issue (what do i know 88) ), there are 2 global rules set regarding torrent: pandlouk’s ragwing’s. if you see ragwing’s rules, there’s no rule specified for port 80.

i cant just allow any p2p client to connect to my port 80 because someone might sneak in to my computer

huh ??? sneak in ???

but i think this rule is about your p2p client trying to “get out”.

have you try shield up test & make sure your ports are stealth ?

my port 80 in shields up is not stealth it is closed

Greetings ryklon (& shin),
Allowing p2p requests Out on 80 is just fine and in some cases seemingly requisite. I myself have an Allow (and log - to keep an eye on 'em ;)) TCP requests Out [from a rather small range] to port 80, and to be perfectly honest have never really logged any particularly mysterious activity there.

I allow nothing in that doesn’t originate from between 1025-65536 - and only to the forwarded port.

I also remove my p2p rules when the application is not in use (then “Treat As” when I open it up) and fully stealth my ports once again - both in my router and Comodo.

ok tnx…

i wanted to know how can i put the name of my p2p client to the “Treat As” can you teach me how to do that?

Surely :wink:

In Predefined Firewall Policies (go to Firewall > Advanced >)
Click ‘Add’ and name it whatever you want (Utorrent, Limewire, etc) we’ll call it “Rufus” for now.
Now one at a time create all of the rules for your application making sure to click Apply after each entry.
Once you have the rules entered, make sure they descend in order of importance (allow rules go above block rules and so on) and click Apply to close out the new rule (missing the ‘Apply’ button is the source of many folks troubles).
Now go to Network Security Policy and remove your rules for the application completely.
The next time you fire-up our mystery app you will get a pop-up and you will select “Treat As” from the drop down find “Rufus” and you should be good to go.
If you don’t want to wait until the next time you start it - go back into Network Security Policy and Add it manually by browsing for it (click Add and then Browse…) and then selecting Predefined Policy and scroll down looking for “Rufus” (or whatever you named it) and then Apply, Apply, Apply.

Hope this helps you, if not please let me (or someone smarter than I - that’s almost everyone else) know and we’ll sort it out.
Mofo :Beer

thank you very much for your answer it helps alot (CNY)

btw !ot!

when i shutdown comodo and turn on my winxp firewall and then turn off the win xp firewall and turn the comodo firewall again,does the comodo firewall will roll back the settings i made?does comodo firewall automatically implement the settings i made for it when i turn it back again?

Sorry ryklon,
I’m having a little trouble following this one. Not sure why you would turn off CFP unless it was really causing problems - and even then I’d just disable (not exit) and re-enable it immediately when I did what I had to do.

This is why CFP has various security settings and modes - to enable various installations, configurations, tests and so on.

I never shut mine down - never.

If it seems that you’re having some conflicts, try putting CFP in Safe Mode (or Training Mode if you must).

I don’t know about yours, but my XP firewall does just this side of nothing ;).

Happy hunting.

Why are you turning on and off Comodo?

because im having a big problem about k9 webprotection and comodo firewall
i had created another topic to help me solve to the problem about the 2 programs

Honestly I wouldn’t even use K-9. Most of what it does can be done through your browser or by using an LUA. I let me 9 year son use my pc all the time. I simply Sandbox Firefox so what ever he does can simply be undone. I also use No Script and Ad Blocker Plus. My son also only ever goes to Nick.com,Yahoo Games or any other kids sites.

Here are 2 Firefox plugins that can do the same as K-9



yeah for firefox it is ok not to use k9
but what if he used internet explorer?
there is no blocking add on in IE
and IE cannot be uninstalled because it is a part of windows

Who in the right mind uses IE. I haven’t used it in over 4 years since I found Firefox. Thats why you make an LUA and block access to IE. IE has that built in by the way. Its all in the options.


Its all right here. Look at the screen shot. You dont need K-9.

[attachment deleted by admin]

if i had only knew this kind of method earlier then i dont have to mess with my PC (:CLP)

thnx very much Vettetech you did a great job (CNY)

Vette is indeed the man. (:KWL)