:comodo110: :comodorocks: :THNKI upgraded today to 3.8 including anti virus, and its an awsome piece of software that promises to deal with malware via its layered approach and i am amazed at its capabilities overall. However i have been reading forum reviews and watching you tube video reviews on Prevx Edge behaveior blocker. This seems to be another awsome app which promises to deal with zero hour/day nasties that traditional av apps sometimes miss with their signature based technology. This app works in a similar way to defense plus hips, and wonder if any forum members use this app alongside Cis, as another layer of security, or whether they consider it overkill, and therefore a waste of money?. i constantly see that no app is 100% so despite CIS being the best firewall, and having hips and a rapidly improving av component, i feel it may be nessasary to take on another layer of prevention which will give me more confidence, that if one app does miss a new threat, that the other will pick it up.

I had DriveSentry and ThreatFire once along with CIS. It was a great combo CIS and DriveSentry. threatFire IMO is weak. I tested it against TONS of malware and it failed in several occasions. Sad I dont have a web page like www.remove-malware.com so you can see the pics and videos.

PreVx I havent tried it, however I saw a review from MAtt (www.remove-malware.com) and it scored awesome. Anyway I uninstalled everything else besides CIS as I am aware of where, what and who is in my PC as it is my cyber home!!

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You could also use a-squared Free, SUPERAntiSpyware and Spybot - Search & Destroy as on demand.

If you feel like filling your whole computer with security products, that is. (:HUG)
Just make sure they don’t autostart with windows, as that slows things down.

But CIS if you can operate it should do the job.

I relay solely on CIS, common sense, built in DEP (turned on “max”), UAC and disable unnecessary services, plus keeping all my softwares up to date. Sometimes I run a scan very rarely just for fun… (fun to confirm that the comp is clean) hehe… :■■■■

True. A-squared free is nice to have next to CIS for once a month scanning of cookies, traces and other garbage. However I always clean my drive with CSC.

I have used a-squared free for a while, but have recently heard (and seen a video on youtube) that malwarebytes was “better”. The guy in the video ran a squared then malwarebytes and malwarebytes detected more items. I have no idea what is the “best” ondemand scanner, so does anyone have any info/facts/hypotheses/ect as to which one is better at detection and removal between a2 and malwarebytes?

malwarebytes is great IMO. I use it to clean clients PCs and it works really good. Besides the installation is only a few Megs compared to 40-50MB from A2.

There is no best. The BEST you can do is PREVENT from getting infected. CIS is more than capable of doing that!

Yes CIS slaps them like a mamma… :wink:

Whats best is not easy, one day this, the other week that, even if one has slightly better detection, what one miss the other might find, so you might as well have them all installed, sometimes SAS finds something a2 misses, or the other way around. They are both great and free, malwarebytes are good too, If you have a big hard drive many on demand scanners won’t hurt you… :slight_smile: Even if they in my case, never finds anything sadly since I started using CIS! :smiley: :wink:

Beware of SAS - if you allow to update itself (programme, not definitions) it’ll start with Windows - not much use with the free version. Easy enough to turn off, but a bit sneaky.

Agreed 100%!! :-TU
What one catches the other one misses and D+ will stop’em ALL.

My friend said to me, “My pc had never been infected using XXX antivirus!!” So we scanned the PC with SAS and MBAM and what do you think??? BUM!!! Trojans all over the place…hahahaha even a hijacked host file.

Of course now he uses CIS!!! :comodorocks: