Over-writen MBR

Short story: I have two Hard Drives in my computer.
On the first one I have win Vista installed with Comodo Time Machine. On the second Hard Drive I tried to install win XP (after having the first HDD already set up for a long time). Apparently by doing this, the XP setup over wrote the MBR on the first HDD, even though I installed on the second one.
My problem now is that I can no longer boot into Vista becuse CTM is no longer part of the MBR. Is there any way to restore the CTM MBR? or is there any way to recover my files?

Hello Aikno,

the good news is: There is no need to recover your Vista files since no harm has been done to them - except the CTM snapshots. Your problem is not the acquired absence of CTM, but the unwanted absence of Vista. The Vista entry, along with the CTM one, routinely got ignored (as you say: overwritten) by the XP setup due to its unknownness (to Windows XP, there is no such thing as Windows Vista) and now needs to be restored. Run a Vista installation disk to repair the Vista startup. You will now be able to boot into Vista, but - temporarily - not into XP. Add Windows XP (ntldr) manually to the Vista boot menu (because to Vista, there is such a thing as XP) by using the commands shown in this tutorial:

or use EasyBCD: http://easybcd.en.softonic.com/

EasyBCD is the tool to use in this case.

I also think you may lose your snapshots of CTM after having used the Vista DVD to repair (I am not 100% certain but I am afraid so). If that’s the case it means that your system will be back to the baseline snapshot. With CTM 2.8 that is the snapshot that was made when you started using CTM. With v2.9 you will be back to the latest snapshot taken.

Edit : Minor change to CTM version numbers for clarity.

I was afraid that I would lose all the changes since my last snapshot, but turns out everything was exactly as I left it. I didn’t went “back in time” all my files remained in the current state. The only snapshot I had was baseline since I had recently done a baseline reset.
I was using v2.9 btw.
It would be nice if there was a CTM MBR recovery CD for when such things happen. :slight_smile:

I am happy to hear that thing are like they were before you installed XP on the other disk.

Sorry for the error in analysis. What Volume Z and I were thinking is for the situation where XP would be installed after Vista on the same disk. But since XP is on another disk the MBR or your Vista disk is kept intact.

Thanks Panic. My poor old brain… :stuck_out_tongue:

Luckily you were using CTM2.9beta version, otherwise your Vista OS would be back to Baseline !

Obviously you have breached one thing mentioned on the Not-To-Do List of CTM : Not to install another OS when CTM is on the current system. The proper procedure would be to uninstall CTM first before installing another OS, then install CTM on both OSs.

But I was installing it on a totally different HDD. What went wrong was that I didn’t thought XP would write it’s boot loader to the first HDD in the boot order, I though it would write it into the HDD I choose to install XP.

As long as it’s on the same computer (same system) the mentioned procedure is to be followed.

(Additional warning : If someday a user decides to plugin or unplug a HDD to/from the system which CTM has been installed, CTM needs to be uninstalled first or else the system would be fried)