Outsanding Protection

I am here to tell you guys about an experience i recently had with comodo and to praise you guys for it.
I installed CIS 5.0 permium on my parent’s computer and set the parental controls.
I always tell them not to download from those pop ups. My mom listened, but the page wouldn’t let her get out, then it blue screened, so she called me to double check and make sure nothing was wrong with the computer.

I scanned with comodo, malwarebytes, and hitman pro.
NOTHING WAS Found. 5 viruses were already in comodo quarantine. I was truly astounded that nothing got by
I am truly happy at the level of protection I have received and will pass this on to all my friends.

you have my ongoing support!! :comodorocks: :comodosavedmylife: :comodo110: :ilovecomodo:

Also I would like to apply to be a beta tester?

that’s great to hear!

That’s exactly what we built CIS to do…to keep a clean pc clean!

thank you for the feedback…


You do not have to apply to be a beta tester when there are any available for testing they are posted here CIS Beta board.