Outpost Antivirus 2009


New Outpost Antivirus 2009.

More about it here:

It’s funny how it’s named ‘Outpost Antivirus 2009’ 88) Does it detect all viruses that will be created during 2008?
I’ve never understood why companies use the next year, and not the current one.
Anyways, I won’t use it, or even try it, as I’m fine without any antivirus.


Neither I, I think Symantec started with this and others followed… or maybe even MS with Win2k which was released 1999, uh that was time, everything was then 2000 started with bug… :slight_smile:

Me third ;D What’s wrong with the simple number versions ? Avast 4.8 or Avira 8 ? 88)

I guess they want to show that they innovate and that their product gets a major renovation each year. :slight_smile:

Yes, Avira can count others are lost in time, I guess

The new Outpost AV is not freeware, its not even that competitively priced, and I stopped reading there. Maybe in terms of a paid AV, they might be worth it, but I FIRST NEED PROOF they can even come close to matching the performance of Industry leaders like Kaspersky, NOD32, and Avira.

I do not use the Outpost paid firewall even though its gets descent rating, and when the Comodo3 freeware firewall is much better,there is zero incentive to pick the outpost AV to maintain compatibility to what I don’t use.