Outpost 2009.

Firewall & Security Suite.

Tell me your thoughts please.


Well, after downloading it, I was going to test it on a VM, but the installation hangs on final step when trying to start/install the service. The all system hung, actually. I tried 5 times, always with the same result. I then tried to install on Safe Mode and it fully installed, but as soon as I rebooted, the system hung while loading desktop.

I contacted Agnitum 2 days ago and still got no contact from their part.

I doubt it has anything to do with VM, otherwise it wouldnt even install in Safe Mode. I doubt also that it has anything to do with SP1, otherwise I guess I wouldn’t be able to install in Safe Mode as well.

CFP v3 needs ~74MB of free space. Outpost needs twice.

I’m currently running the firewall on my pc at home. I think it’s stable. Love the adblocking. And doesn’t require much resources. I have to point out the full spyware scan is too slow for my taste. I can compare it to Clamwin lol. Even Superantispyware scans faster on my pc.

Have you tried it first on a virtual machine? I tried on a virtual machine with windows vista sp1 on it, and first the installation hung at “installing network operation service”. I had to kill the VM and restore to the previous state. I tried again, and the same result.

I then thought it could have been because of UAC, so I disabled it, but the result was the same.

Today I thought that the crash could have happened because Windows firewall was still enabled, so I disabled it (along with UAC), and this time the installation went a bit further, but it also hangs at the “installing agnitum client security service”.

I contacted agnitum and they’re looking into it. No bloody idea why it happened.

I used to use Outpost Firewall Pro, and I LOVED it. It didn’t have fancy graphics embedded into it (that’s something I really don’t like…) because I don’t see why the graphics are necessary…

I stopped using it though because it’s not free (well… the really old version is…)

I’m in love with the firewall, but they can keep the AS and leave it to a company that specializes in this area.

(:WAV) (:CLP)

Oupost 2009 is very good and operates just as Matousec said it would. However, the most important part is that the Comodo Firewall we helped debug looks like it has been thrown away. What happened?
Thank you.

Just look at the version number. Comodo passes now, with the newest releases, however they don’t want to pay Matousec to retest it.


I installed it on the pc directly using XP pro SP2. I’m not sure but are all software suposed to work well on virtual machine? I dunno. I didn’t had any problems at all here.

Not all software works under VMs, but Outpost Firewall should have no problems. The outpost support page even makes reference of how to make it possible to connect to host machine for sharing internet connection.

I don’t know if it has something to do, specifically, with VirtualBox.

I contacted Outpost support and they are looking into it.

Never used the suite, but as for the firewall…

In a word, superb! It remains my number one. (:LOV)
Installed alongside nod32 in a Vista ultimate VM without a hitch.
Note that recent updated versions of OPF have fixed previous VM problems.

Bloated for a firewall, confusing settings (even for an expert due to oddly worded explanations) and I believe is less effective then other firewalls.


I found Outpost support to be very poor, Dark. Particularly if you have the trial version.

Weak HIPS (too many feature missing and implemented badly), it seems Agnitum designed it especially to pass Matousec tests and nothing more, FW department is very good and they finally implemented ICMP per app. filtering, AV inside is from (Hungarian) Virusbuster (weak).

Actually hips isn’t the most important thing in a firewall. What is most important is that is able to filter attacks.

…and that is totally wrong, especially for home [SOHO] users, 99.99% of attacks is host based where is outbound filtering only relevant direction for protecting…

True, but thats what antimalware, and alternative browsers can really save you. Generally if you have both of those, and a firewall that has at least an 80% leak test rating your fine.

Do not agree, antimalware in scan incarnation is lousy and very leaky protection…
also “HIPS” which can not protect at least: %windir%* from writing *.exe, *.dll, *.sys, low level disk access, setting debug privilege, adstream are also weak protection
leaktests passing is like patching windows on wu, northing more, HIPS are only real deal.

And I’m Done.