Outlook email problems

I have just installed Comodo Personal Firewall and it was all going so well until… Outlook could not send/receive any e-mails from any of my accounts. Initially I was receiving warnings that a trojan may be using the system and then simply ‘unable to find e-mail server’. Outlook has been enabled but I don’t know wat else to do…please help, or I’ll have to give up on Comodo…I can’t do business without emails! Thanks

Hi and welcome,

What happens if you set CPF to allow all? What CPF version is it?


Just an idea, scan for viruses. Then go from there.



im haveing the same problem
fortunately i got my emails right before i loaded comodo
also windows doesnt recognize CPF, but that thread is around here somewhere else

if i select allow all
nothing changes for me
still cant get anything

There are fixes coming out on 7th. Perhaps this issue may be included. There are some updates currently and if you uninstall and do a reinstall, new download, may work as well. Also If you mean windows security not recognizing, open it up, change the way WSC alerts me, uncheck all, close. Then open WSC again, select all checks, should then detect Comodo.



sry i meant that if i set CPF to allow all, i still cant get my emails

about WSC, i went in and shut the service off and started it back up
and it still wont recognize that CPF is on

just a side point i loaded this up about an hour ago

Just a few questions… Did you scan for known applications and/or define it as a trusted App? Are you using Outlook Express or a version with Office? I can run Outlook 2003, OE and Thunderbird without any issues…