outlook address book

Encrypting to an address in my outlook address book sometimes does not work. Encrypting to the same address by replying to an email from that address does work. I have a reproducible example of this now, encrypting to myself via the address book using email address see attachment consistently does not work. If I inspect the certificate in the address book it is ok.



A couple of questions:

  1. Are you trying to encrypt a message to someone you have an encryption certificate for?
    ie. They sent you a signed email with the certificate and you added that to your address book .

  2. Is your email encryption certificate email address exactly (down to the dots etc) the same as the email address you are using?

Your email encryption certificate is so that others can encrypt messages to you.
You can only encrypt to them if you have their certificate stored in your address book.

The knowledge base may offer some assistance as well:

Hope this helps.

  1. yes
  2. yes


Can you provide a screen shot of your email encryption certificate that you’re using to encrypt messages to yourself ?


See attachment


Must admit I’m running out of ideas.

The screen shot shows the certificate you are using in Outlook to send signed emails to others, but is that the one assigned to the entry in the actual address book for the email address you are sending to.

Also, is this a new certificate that is replacing a previous certificate?


yes, no

Ok …I’ve now run out of ideas.


And today it works. I have no idea what I did different today.