Outlook addin - Comodo SecureEmail core - opl.dll [Dev input requested]

Could somebody please advise what this is and does?

I am set up in Network level mode though using Outlook (I use network level mode because I want my email to be in the clear in Outlook) and I find that I have this addin, but disabling it seems to remove nothing from the functionality of SecureEmail or from Outlook. I suspect it is something to do with the Outlook plugin and serves no purpose in network level mode, in which case it seems best to disable it. Does anybody have any advice to offer on the effect and desirability of disabling it?

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I do not know for certain, but the logic of a proxy (Layered Service Provider) suggests you are right.

I suppose it’s possible that it provides a link to bring up the configuration dialog or certificate wizard from within Outlook?

Maybe a dev, perhaps Comodo_Shane will provide an answer.

Meanwhile, of it continues to work fine without it please do tell us. (How long have you used it with this disabled so far?)

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Thanks for your reply.

I have noticed no difference in Outlook when I enable or disable it. I have never noticed any link to the configuration dialogue or certificate wizard in Outlook. Should there be one, and if so where?

So far as I know, all is working fine without it. I have been using it that way for perhaps 2 or 3 weeks now.

I have informed Comodo via a request for support, but I never receive from Comodo any response to, or even acknowledgment of, my requests for support. Am I doing something wrong, or is that their normal behaviour?

Thanks for telling me. I’d continue doing what you are doing then.

Answered your support q in the other thread.

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I might add that there is another plug in - oepl.dll - shown and described as a plug in for outlook express in ‘autorun’. I attach a screen print. I did not know that there was one for outlook express, and wonder why it is started.

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