Outlook 2007 (Version 12 SP2 MSO) [Resolved]

Just wondering if anyone else has seen this and what the solution is?

I cannot use web links within email messages. The message that pops up says this action has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this system. Links work properly with my other email clients, not sure why this one won’t. What do I need to change to correct this?

Hi John,

Please have a look at this article

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Thank you, no. The suggestions on this page didn’t correct the issue. (I tried restarting Outlook after completing the Reset (before anything was added to IE8). Since the page is for IE6 and IE7, maybe the issue really lies with IE8?

Hi John,

You did not tell that IE8 is the browser (still very buggy one)

at the end of this link the success with IE8 was mentioned (25 Mar 2009 by Bill)


probably you have it as default (?)


Yes, I had it as Default (which is IE8.) changing it as you suggested resolved this. Thanks for the tips, SiberLynx.
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