Outlook 2003 Stationery sent as jpg attachment


I am using Outlook 2003 and CSE in Only Outlook mode and only signing security (low) mode.

I am using stationery for my html emails.

When I send mails, the stationery is sent as an jpg attachment and mail is converted to plain text format.

Please advice how to setup for proper use of stationery.


Hi Radhx,

We have some questions about your software environment that can help to resolve your issue:

  1. What mail client is used for reading e-mails?
  2. Which Service Pack installed on your Outlook 2003?

Actually, we suspect that you just reading these e-mails in mail client (or web mail) with settings set to read e-mails as plain text. In that case you will see text of e-mail as plain text and your stationery as attachment.

Regards, Eugene.