Outgoing IP Address Privacy


 I used to use ZoneAlarm Pro to prevent my IP address from getting submitted by applications, etc. I was wondering if this is possible to do with Comodo Personal Firewall? If so, how can I go about that? Usually, a pop up would ask me to confirm if my IP address could be submitted.  Basically, I'd like to be asked if information like my IP address (specifically) are about to be submitted by an application and give it a chance to be refused.

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      Giovanni P

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I’m not completely sure I understand what you are trying to do. Is it that you wish to hide your IP address when connecting to certain sites?


 Thanks for the prompt reply.  What I meant was that I would specify my current IP address as a piece of "pirvate" information which would be checked against if a software application would attempt to submit it.  In Zonealarm, you would specify information such as current IP Address, Email address, Credit Card information, Social Security Number, to check for before submitting it through an application.  Its called IDLock Here is the info:



The pay for version of Online Armor has something similar called “banking mode.”

If I am correct, ZomeAlarm Pro is also pay for software.


 Thanks for the info.  I just thought that Comodo Firewall.  I'd even pay for that feature in the pay version of Comodo.  Maybe its something to put on the wish list.


Yes it wont hurt and maybe added down the road, for free.

I liked this feature in ZA. It would be nice if CIS got something like this.