Outgoing ICMP Information

Good morning.
I write from Italy so I use the translator.
I have a problem with regard to outbound requests (place a screenshot but there are also other outgoing requests)
Windows 10 OS x64
Comodo Internet Security Free
I’m undecided whether to block or allow, of course I ask not to make mistakes.
I connect to the Internet via minirouter http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/315tRgnx5mL.jpg

The problem lies here: Remote application on ICMP .

adminservice.exe is the integrated bluetooth in my notebook (but as mentioned there are other requests the same type)
What do I do?
Thank you .

That is a multicast address for IPv6 and its scope is link-local. See here for multicast: Multicast address - Wikipedia

Thanks for the link, I read.
However it still has doubts.
In practice I can allow or block better?

You can allow it as the traffic will not leave your network. Also it most likely relates to router solicitation to locate routers on the local network.

Thank you.
So I can enable?