Outdated Video Player Playback

You guys really need to keep this updated. To use these features like Chrome does.

{Run these links on both Google Chrome and Comodo} You will see Comodo Developers needs to start working on the video playback issues.


Twitter Player:
This browser does not support video playback.

Video Link:

Facebook Player:
Not full screen with videos that are not in 6:9 size.

Full screen with videos that are not in 6:9 size. (Stretched)

Video Link:

Youtube Player
Small pixels in the canvas player.


Google Chrome

Video Link:

Another Video Link:

This is not the first time i posted about your browser not working correctly with video playback. (Your update fixed this issue)

Other Information:

Comodo Dragon Version
Windows 7 64-bit No Service Packs Fully updated drivers, .NET Framework 4.5 java and all.
Just for the heck of it i checked it out on Windows 8 too and it was the same.

I know it’s your browser. Time to code guys.

You can’t even use Netflix on Comodo Dragon.

nope ya cant hints why i don’t use it i use www.slimjet.com or www.srware.net because comodo dragon is an out dated browser horribly outdated buy current browser standard’s << ones i listed are more secure than comodo and ya can watch netflix on them with no issue lmao

Hi Ozzy666,
Just to clarify for other users, the above statement is based on opinion (Hearsay) only.
Which browser is the most secure will forever be debated.

Thank you.

Still. The browser is out of date. It’s not an opinion to chrome standards. I can care less about the secure part.
99% of everyone plays videos on their browser. Comodo fails on that part.

As to video codec support; Comodo is working on it:

We don’t know when the video support will arrive though.

yeah and your right ■■■■ the reason i quit use-ing chrome and went to slimjet is because it is the only browser that has more security benefit’s like disabling webrtc and it is fully compatible with netflix and amazon prime video play back

Thanks for brining up slimjet, I have been looking for alternatives, I have heard bad things about Iron that it is not as private as you think…

Anyway slimjet looks good, they look to have a good philosophy too on the website, which brings more trust.

Thanks for you recommendation I decided to say good buy to dragon