Outbound emails rejected

Since move been getting outbound email rejected and support ticket raised over a month back told fixed only to have to get clients to login all day to check outbound logs and been told today enough is enough by two clients.

Even after support have said twice this has been fixed still have issues, anyone else having this issue.

You only know when you log into outbound email queue as no notify from system.

Further testing has shown that all messages sent via a mobile device using an exchange server do not get sent but rejected without any warning to user by Comodo.

My clients are now screaming as it seems since move no mobile messages have been sent explains a few nasty emails I have been getting.

Please check your outbound queue log if you have mobile devices on exchange and have been moved.

Despite a long on going row with support who kept saying it was my settings and not the system. The issue got reraised and now seems to have cleared itself without any need for changes my end.

I believe another fault found after the upgrade and fixed whilst blaming everyone else.

Next mention of an upgrade I’m off.