"Out of the Box" results from GRC and Hacker Guardian

Ok Guys,

As promised, I have now re-installed CPF with its default settings on “Automatic Configuration”
Here are the results of the 2 tests I have done so far on these settings. Can anyone advise why it is so please.

Edit…Mmmmmm not sure why the GRC image isnt complete but anyway, you get the idea maybe.

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Hi, kennyboy!

Are you sure you’ve been scanning your own computer, and not your ISP’s router/proxy?

To check this, do the following:
Start - Run: type cmd.exe (press Enter)
Now write ipconfig/all
You will get your computer’s current IP-address. Compare that to what you see on Steve Gibson’s site.

Paul Wynant
Moscow, Russia

Hello Paul.

Well, ipconfig/all gives an IP address as 192.xxx.xxx.x and GRC gives me 203.87.xxx.xxx.

Not sure exactly what this means, but if it means I am behind some sort of router, is there a way of testing my actual computer instead of the ISP?
As it stands, I dont seem have any way of testing the actual security of MY machine.

Also, CPF seems to be letting Emule connect to the internet without having asked for any permissions or needing any rules set. Is this normal?

Many thanks for your time and interest.


I thought so. You are behind the router of your ISP, which means you are VERY safe, but yes: you have no way of doing on-line scannings, because the results will not be valid.

About E-mule: I think it’s in the COMODO’s certified applications. If you want to avoid that (so you want an alert for EVERY application) then you should do the following: Go to: Security - Advanced - Miscellaneous. UNCHECK the parameter: ‘Do not show any alerts for applications certified by COMODO’. Click ‘OK’. Now you will get an alert for EVERY application.

Paul Wynant
Moscow, Russia

Hi Ken, if you don’t have install instructions for the modem/router or your isp support can’t help, maybe do a google search on your routers model # / brand name.Most routers configuration settings are accessed through your web browser by typing( example)
Once there you would want DMZ mode or possibly called ip passthrough.
Hope this helps.

Hi Kenny

i see that you’ve started your own thread on this topic, so my response to you on Michele’s thread is superfluous. Anyway, at least the replies from BorderlineCrazy & p2u confirm my own thoughts as to the cause of your problem - thank you BorderlineCrazy & p2u, you’ve boosted my flagging confidence some!

It’s great to find so much support (& patience with us newbies) & i guess these are the ppl to help you out, Kenny…good luck & thx guys.


Hello Braindrained and all the other kind people who have helped.
Quite amazing the response from this forum.

It is a little bit unnerving that I am unable to test that Comodo is doing everything that it should, but there are much wiser brains here that are obviously happy with the auto config, so I am going to accept it also.

BorderlineCrazy…I did actually climb up onto the roof to examine the little box there to give me an idea as to its make/model, but there isnt a single marking on it. Would have been nice to have known but never mind.

p2u… Am going to leave the settings EXACTLY as they are for the moment, until I have done some more reading in the forum. Could well come back to you for some more advice about starting some rules of my own, or even advice on rules I try for myself. I will do my best to research as much as possible in the forum before asking anything else, so you know that if I do request help, I REALLY need it, or have broken something…hahaha

Michele… The only worrying thing I have found after installing CPF is that there doesnt seem to be anything to worry about. It just sits there doing whatever it is doing, and doesnt bother me at all. Keep hoping someone somewhere will attack my machine so I can see it work, but…nothing…haha. Anyway, it seems great and hope it works out for you also.

In the meantime, I am so greatful to everyone for the friendly manner in which you have helped, and like Michele, would be happy to do the same if ever I get knowledgable enough on anything to do with the firewall.