"Out of Memory"

Last night my computer suddenly started running slow. I rebooted, really slow to load. Upon trying to go into Safe Mode, it hung at agp440.sys. Twice. I rebooted and left the house. Upon coming home I had a popup for Comodo saying “Out of Memory”. I have never seen this message before.

Any ideas?


I think this might help you with the slow boot into Safe Mode:

For the problem with CFP, was it a temporary one, or does it persist after a reboot?


I’ll reboot when I get home from work and see if it keeps doing it. I’ve never seen that popup before, so it may be somehow related with the sudden slowness issue.

I did see on another support forum that some malware/viruses hide themselves as agp440.sys in the System32 folder. So when I get home I will run Avast and Spybot as well.

It could be any one of a number of things. It’s best to see what the system resource information is. To do that, it’s time to visit the Windows Task Manager. I’m presuming that you are running on a WinXP machine. Vista has something similar, but I don’t know Vista.

Just press CTL-ALT-DEL, and the Task Manager will open. Usually it will open to the Processes tab, but if not, the Processes tab is what you should look at. These are the applications that are running on your machine at the moment. You can click the Mem Usage column to sort by memory usage in ascending order, click again and you get descending order. You can see what is taking all your memory.

On the Performance tab, at the bottom, you will see memory utilization numbers. These should tell you exactly what your machine resources are at the moment. If you’re not sure of what the numbers mean, you can take a screen shot and post it here. To do that, we’ll be using Windows Paint (Start → All Programs → Accessories → Paint).

Maximize the Task Manager window, then press alt-prntscrn to copy the window to the clipboard, switch over to the Paint window, then cntl-v to paste the clipboard into Paint, and save the image as a JPG file. Then you can post that file here.