out of date

After a security check I get the message: Your Google Chrome is out of date.
I am using comodo Dragon 80.0.3987.87 (32-Bit) which is also the latest download.
Is there a security problem or is the security guaranteed by comodo?

Thanks for answers!

EDIT 1: When I want to download 64 bit, I get the following message:

404 Not Found

configuration loaded: comodo - internet security
Windows 10 Pro 1909 (18363.752), 64 bit

Could it be that Chrome and Dragon are different, and the proofing tool didn’t recognize that it isn’t google chrome?
When I download Dragon from comodo website, I only get 32-bit. I don’t want to download of other sites.

EDIT 2: I could get the 64-bit version from a secure site, MD5 and SHA-1 are okay.

Hello, prodex how do you perform this security check? how does this proofing tool work…?

I opened a secure website, but it didn’t opened, because my “chrome is out of date”, but I don’t know now, which site it was. I will try to find it again and will let you know.

Unfortunately, I can no longer reconstruct it. The version number of Chrome is higher than that of Dragon, but you can’t compare them, I think.

I sent you a mail!

My online-banking-proofer that checks a PC if it is up to date tells the google chrome would be out of date and I should download from the website the new version.

Hello prodex, i’ve answerd on mail, let us see how we can resolve this issue

Wating for result! :slight_smile:

This issue keeps coming up time and again. How can a security provider provide a secure browser for which the Chromium base is out of date?


This calendar shows CD should now be based on v81 not 80, and at the end of this month v82.

When a bank warns that the browser is out of date it’s not good, and the user is likely to be held liable for any losses that might occur on their account due to a breach.
[/size]Come on Melih, please get this sorted.

Hello Cavehomme, google has changed it's release calendar now they have v81, and they will skip to v83, we decided to skip v81 and start working directly on v83, since they removed a feature that brings a lot of problems to the browser SameSite cookies

Kind of fits!