our software has been detected as a trojan by the Comodo antivirus


we have developed the Cybresafe Firewall software. Executive files has been protected by the VMProtect software. The most of files works well, but one of them has been detected as a trojan by the Comodo antivirus.

How to avoid that ?

  1. csfserver.exe
  2. TrojWare.Win32.Injector.ATIU@312738120

The company site is http://cybersafesoft.com
The link to our software http://cybersafesoft.com/csfirewall.zip
The link of the problem file http://cybersafesoft.com/cs2/test/csfserver.zip

Comodo Antivirus version
DB version 21554

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Hi mihailovdorf,

Thank you for reporting this.
We’ll check it and get back to you soon.


Hello mihailovdorf,

This FP (csfserver.exe - SHA1:d8f0c0fdcba8c8bce0739f49d8eafa9a0f99a6a7) has been fixed with DB 21560.

Best regards,