Our Registry Cleaner reviewed by PC World!


Pls go ahead and share your thoughts about our Registry Cleaner in PC world review.



Very good review - congrats.


Nice review, although very brief by PCWorld. The 34:th Yes came from me, but there were 103 no. :-[


Ps. Let’s make the topic a sticky for a while! I’ll go ahead. (:m*)

Let me see how many registry cleaner competitors we have :slight_smile: maybe its 103 :wink:


The 37th :-TU came from me. :wink:

LOL, I guess so. :slight_smile:


Great Review. :slight_smile:

Don’t care about the yes and no. :slight_smile:



another good review


Yes it is the same review by the same guy, Just repeated in an international sister publication.
Not a good or bad thing. Just what it is.

I downloaded this program after reading about it in PC World. Based on the glowing recommendation it received by the magazine, I installed the program and used it expecting great things to happen. It was not to be…my Windows defragmentation tool, accessed by right clicking C: —>Properties —>Tools, got disabled and my DVD drive as well. Device manager showed yellow warning triangles next to the drive’s name. There was no icon when My Computer was opened, and disks inserted into the drive failed to start. Luck for me, I did TWO registry backups - one with the cleaner and another with ERUNT. I used ERUNT to restore and all was back to normal. These were the only 2 things I knew that got corrupted and there may have been more but I will not be using it anymore. So be forewarn! I am running Win XP Home SP3, 32 bit.


If you are willing to try again, please try the current version and give us the feedback. We are constantly working to correct any problem to make the users happy, so right now your feedback would be very appreciated.