Other AV company saying about Free Anti-Virus product.

I was found this blog over the internet.
This blog written in Korean language So I use Google to translate to English.

Written by an AV vendor of Korean Ahnlab.
Looks like they’re panic about a free product (That’s better than them).

Please read in a RED highlight they’re saying their product have feature more than other “FREE” product.
For my opinion Some of tools are unusable and bloated.

Maybe they didn’t know more about Worldwire threats and still provide a local customer.

I didn’t discredit any vendor,
But I think a heart of good anti-virus software was “Safe Trusted and Confidant”.
If they can’t make any, So the user won’t use this product.

Note : Korean security apps won’t used by Asian people, But used only in Korea.

Any comments ?

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Why are Korean AV’s only used in Korea?
Are they only sold there?

For some reason, there appears to be a distrust of South Korean authored software in Asia. Several friends of Asian origin all said the same, “Thanks but no thanks.”. Dunno why - they couldn’t explain it either. I assume it to be a historical thing.

History makes a great teacher but a lousy master.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Ah,I see. I have heard from China,from the Rising guys that
Twister is awful,and the reverse from the Twister guys.
To me thats just Eset-vs-Avira.
But the idea of writeing off all products from a certain country…
Seems pretty self limiting.

Yes but small vendor in Korea didn’t take care and sold them to foreign (or international) customer.

A cost for Korean (local) customer was cheaper.

I’ve seen some worldwire vendor sell it for cheaper than them.

North Korea is a totalitarian state ran by a dictator. So I can imagine (Asian) people being reluctant about things coming from there. South Korea is a different country with a different political system.

A word “Korea” most likely mean “South Korea” or “Republic of Korea”.