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Hi, I’m a bit new to downloading firewalls and things, as my sister sorted it out for me ages ago. But I’ve had a problem with Zone Alarm, and had to remove it because there was a problem with the license.

I’ve tried to download this firewall, from this site, but since I’ve had my computer a while and I’ve got Windows ME edition, it’s not letting me do it.

Does anybody know if there are any firewall’s that I could download from this site, or from another, that would be suitable?

Hi and welcome,

CPF is compatible with all Windows from 2000 to XP. Perhaps if you try downloading the beta:

Plus, if you have any pop up blockers this may stop the next page opening where you would be able to download CPF.


PS. You will have to uninstall the beta when updating and will lose your settings, but this fixes some issues, is faster, and is more secure.

Also, do you have you activation key? I have a spare if not.

Thanks for your help, I clicked on the link, but after downloading it came up with my OS isn’t compatible or something similar

Ok sorry, I always thought ME was the same as 2000.

There are some good firewalls like Sunbelt Kerio that are free and should work on ME. Kerio is also good for a begginer like yourself.

If you take a look here it may help your decision - although be aware some of the results may be slightly out of date:


Also, it may be useful for you to google some of the firewalls here to find some reviews if you’re unsure.

Hope this helps,

I had a look at the link, it confused me a bit!

I’ve talked to my sister as well and she advised me to phone our broadband provider, so I’ll do that tomorrow.

Thank-you for your help!

Your welcome and sorry to confuse you.

To see the results on the link you need to click the button at the bottom ‘view results’. This shows a list of firewalls and whether or not they passed a series of leaktests (designed to copy malware behaviour). The firewalls that passed more of these leaktests are stronger than the others.

Good luck in finding a firewall.


Mike Window Millenium is a modified version of windows 98. It has nothing in common with windows 2000. :wink:

The best firewall for Windows 98/Me is Jetico

but is very difficult to use (until you understand it).