Order of Custom Profiles

I’ve installed CB 4, and think I detect something different than how it behaved in CB3. As I recall, in version 3, if I created a Custom Profile, the first one I created would be at the top of the list of Custom Profiles, and the most recent one I created would be at the end of the list. So I was careful to create them in the order of frequency of use–the ones I needed most often first, and the ones I used less frequently further down the list.

Now with CB 4, two things appear to be happening. First, the sequence is reversed–that is, the first one I create is at the end of the list, and the most recent one I create is at the beginning of the list. When I first noticed this, I had created about 5 of them. Since this was not the sequence I desired (it would have put the most frequently used at the end of the list), I simply deleted them all, and started over, creating the least frequenly used first, and the most frequently used last. This seems to have worked, with one exception. Each time I start the program, there will be a different Profile as the first one in the list. The rest of the list (from the second item through the last item) will retain their order on the list. So I end up with the SECOND item on the list being the most frequently used, and what the first profile in the list is, is different every time.

Anyone know how the squence is determined? And even more useful woul be a way to rearrange the list without deleting all of the profiles and starting over. Is thereany way to do that?

The sequence order is the most frequent used first, the least frequent used last.
So, the order is decided by the number of runs for each profile, descending.
The first and the second item might switch places if the number of runs are equal and, then the number of runs is incremented with 1 for one of them.


Emanuel-- Well, I applaud that as a rational way to sequence the items. But that doesn’t APPEAR to be what is happening. I have several that I do every day, and others that I do only when something changes. The random one that leaps (so far, at least) to the head of the list has been one of the less frequent ones (but not always the same one). Now that I know how it is SUPPOSED to work, I’ll pay more attention to see whether, or if so how, it deviates fro that.