Oracle problem

hello all)

I have problem with oracle DB:

“ORA-12571: TNS:packet writer failure”

I use CAV Beta 2.0. How i can fix it?

I would say try to find help on oracle forums, this only if the problems is not releated to cavs beta 2.0 which you must find out. give some more inforrmation… Oracle is verry sophisticated database software and finding solutions is mostly not easy…

When i use Dr-web antivirus, i have this problem too, but i can fix it in Dr-web - module SpIDer Guard, reason in listenen port…


I am glad you can fix it… Maybe it had nothing to do with cavs 2 anyway… I think is it just some kind of program error of the database in combination with incompatible programs on your pc

I don’t know what a spider guard is, but you did say something about a listening port. Do you have Comodo firewall installed? Perhaps you blocked an incoming connection? or an outgoing one? that Oracle needed? If you’re using the HIPS component of CAVS 2 (i think it has it), maybe you blocked something there?