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Plzz give an option to set startpage/homepage/newpage to blank.

And Enforce Secure Connections - Clicking on the lock enables it on the site. It would be better enabling it requires to click on done instead of clicking the lock.

Hi yessnooo,
The start page and home page can be set to blank via the settings menu.

The following extension can be used to set the new tab page to blank.

Kind regards.


I know that…but new tab page cannot be set to blank. In other thread you mentioned the extension to me & I am using it.

I posted here coz Comodo browser should be different to Chrome. And instead of about:blank an option to set to blank the pages I have mentioned would be better.

Whats sets Comodo browser different to Chrome is Comodo security & options that are good & not present in Chrome like “clear on exit”, etc…

So I mentioned my wish here.

Hi yessnooo,
I remember now.
Comodo Dragon Options Wish

As for the 'Enforce Secure Connections’ wish, please remember one wish per topic with a poll.
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