Optional Firewall Rule To Block Windows Update Connections For W10 [M1980]

1. What actually happened or you saw:

N/A (this option is not implemented yet, so there is nothing to see now)

2. What you wanted to happen or see:

I would like some preconfigured firewall rules to block Windows Update
in Windows 10 from accessing the internet.

3. Why you think it is desirable:

Windows 10 forces installation of updates. So, if there were a faulty one,
it would automatically get installed, crippling the device.

4. Any other information:

I am sure that I am not the only one who would like this enhancement.


I agree this is a real annoyance. I was in the Win 10 Insider program
& I gave Microsoft Feedback on this exact topic telling them to reconsider their position
on this or I would be staying with Win 7. I can understand Critical Updates & their Bug Fixes
& Feature Updates, but there is no reason to not let us Hide useless updates, Drivers etc.
I am so sick & tired of Microsoft taking control away from the user.

Win 10 actually downloaded Logitech Download Assistant & Installed it, I told them that
I did not need or want this Update. I have Logitech products but I do not have any Logitech
software installed because I don’t need it, everything works just fine without it.

You could try & do this yourself using Comodo Firewall
Block Application option. Of course you will need to know the
name of the .exe file… In Windows its usually wuapp.exe & wuauclt.exe in the Windows System32 Folder.
Not in Win 10 now, but I will report back once I check things out in Win 10 to
confirm this.

I have my Firewall set to Custom Ruleset which should give you an
alert for anything that tries to access the Internet.

If your running Win 10 Pro you can defer updates.

I think Windows update still creates a Restore Point before installing updates,but
you should create one yourself. I got into a real jam last week when Win 10 kept rebooting,
but after the second time it Booted into Auto Repair mode from here it gives you recovery options,
I just selected a System Restore Point & all was good again.

If you have not done so already don’t forget to create a system restore disk on usb or dvd, it will copy the system files too.

I also tried that Utility that Microsoft put out but it did not work for me,you can give it a try…

Some more Info here…

Well I guess its not as easy as I thought it would be, there is no
wuapp.exe in Win 10. I believe it uses system32 svchost.exe -k netsvcs.

You can go into Services & Disable Windows Update.

In my opinion this is not a great idea because you really should be
getting the Critical Updates.

Here is some more Info…


Thank you for submitting this Wish Request. I have now moved this to the WAITING AREA.

Please be sure to vote for your own wish, and for any other wishes you also support. It is also worthwhile to vote against wishes you think would be a waste of resources, as implementing those may slow down the wishes you would really like to see added.

Thanks again.

I have voted for no. The reason is that the EULA that you implicity accept requires you to accept all updates. The EULA can be found at https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/Useterms/Retail/Windows/10/UseTerms_Retail_Windows_10_English.htm and the specific clause in the EULA is item 6 reproduced below (my underlining).

6. Updates. The softwareperiodically checks for system and app updates, and downloads and installs them for you. You may obtain updates only from Microsoft or authorized sources, and Microsoft may need to update your system to provide you with those updates. By accepting this agreement, [u]you agree to receive these types of automatic updates without any additional notice[/u].

Because of this clause, IMO deliberately blocking Windows Update would violate the EULA.

Block the connection to Windows update does not violate the terms of use;
Windows update makes bad or very bad, broadband (internet) in countries like Brazil, for example;
Prevents play gamers, your online games without crashes because the windows update …

It might be interesting to add the “windows update group”