Option to trust parent files and its children files from sandbox alert

1. What actually happened or you saw:
If a file (exe) is not recognized by CIS it gets sandboxed automatically. If this file has child files they all will be sandboxed or blocked by CIS automatically. If the parent file is trusted but the children files are not they will be blocked or sandboxed and that behavior can cause freezes, crashs, etc., on the parent files.

2. What you wanted to happen or see:
Add the option to trust a file and its children files automatically/from the sandbox alert.

3. Why you think it is desirable:
If we have a file (an installer, an executable, etc) that we trust it will be great if we could trust the parent file and its children files all togther with one click.

4. Any other information:
Example: I have a parent file called “yro.exe”. The “yro.exe” is a installer and it will install the child file “yroav.exe”. If I mark the “yro.exe” as trusted, the “yroav.exe” will continue to be sandboxed if it is not recognized by CIS. In this case I will be force to navigate on CIS interface to click on “yroav.exe” and mark it as trusted. If I can, and first run “yro.exe”, mark it AND ITS CHILDREN FILES, as trusted, than CIS will automaticaly trust yro.exe and all its children files. With this option we will have more control over what we trust to run on our computer and we will have more productivity, more usability, etc. Please, consider making this option as a default option on all cis from now on.

I did not like the idea. Some truested packages bundled with unwanted softwares…
CIS can catch those adwares into trusted installer, I saw this example in the past, CIS catched the adware while installition of a software.
This cannot be automatic.

not the hole process to be automatic but the option to automaticaly trust these files.

the behavior should change a little bit so we can have the “option” to trust the file and its children files or not.

EDIT.: example of the possible option.


Does this wish already incorporate what you are asking for in this wish?


that wish is not mine. But the answer is no. Im asking, here, to make an option to automaticaly trust child files from its parents so we can automaticaly trust a chain of files based on its parent file/process.

ok so you want this new option to act like the installer/updater option on a HIPS alert. Since you say you want it automatic im assuming you want it to have an option in the advanced settings and not on a sandbox alert? is that correct?

This could behavior like what You say but the ideal is to have an option on the sandbox popup to trust a file and its child files. If the devs cant do this way so an option to deal with this kind of situation could be added on the advanced options.

Ok i made a couple of small edits. It sounds like a good wish but i wouldnt want this enabled by default. It should have an option on the sandbox alert but shouldnt trust child processes automatically. What if a trusted installer runs that has adware (unknown) attached? this option would allow that adware to install without question.

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