Option to Show/Hide the install Dragon & Silverlight dialog box within the GUI.

When opening Virtual Kiosk you are presented with a dialog box with the options to install or not install Dragon and Silverlight.
If you select ‘Do not show this message again’ (Screenshot) intentionally or in error, there is no way of getting the dialog options box to display again without registry editing.

I would like to see a Show/Hide option under the Customize User Interface settings.

Please vote, thank you.

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You have my vote, yes a minor but a good option :-TU

Thanks to RealNature and the other members who voted. :-TU

I realise it is minor, but I think it could help eliminate the need for inexperienced users needing to edit the registry.


Thanks Naren. :-TU

Well yes this is so true :■■■■


P.S. (10 attempts to enter the subject.)

+1 from here too.

Hi Captain

I’d suggest reporting this as a bug or debatable. Every action must be reversible…

Best wishes