Option to select disks to monitor

My post under Help ( https://forums.comodo.com/defense_help/how_do_i_stop_pending_files_from_saving_for_review_all_files_during_backup-t43290.0.html ) garnered no responses and Defense+ Settings > Advanced > Monitor Settings > Objects to Monitor Against Direct Access > Disks seems to be an all or none proposition. So, I’d like to be able to select which disks to monitor and those not to be monitored.

The problem is that whenever I do a backup to my backup drive or copy files to that drive, they become Files Waiting for Review under My Pending Files.

Instead of working in clean pc mode you could notch up to Safe Mode. This way you will get rid off the pending files.

Nice to get a reply, thanks.
I’ll give it a try.

Did a backup today – worked great, thanks again.