Option to see what is being scanned in normal use

Comodo is the only application I have installed on my PC that I have no idea what it is doing. On the occasions it has a rant for a couple of minutes I have no way of telling what is going on. Many of my other security and file examining apps show what file is under scan. The listing may be changing at such a rate that each name cannot be read, but at least you get an impression of the area it is looking at. I would not want to see this stuff all the time, but it would be very handy as an option when one has troubles.

In the summary page on the antivirus box I would love to see a "Last File Scanned: " and the filename displayed would change as the real time scanner checks a new file.

+1 :-TU
It would be great to see a log that contains real-time scanning activity, the number of files scanned, including the last file scanned. We hope that this desire to be implemented in future versions.


Might help in figuring out what causes CPU usage spikes sometimes.

Agreed. I think it could reduce traffic in the forum considerably if people can figure out what is going on. If they have a problem application that Comodo does not like, it would be as clear as day. I have occasions when an application closes down and Comodo goes to 100% for a minute afterwards, doing whatever and freezing the GUI. I don’t know whether it is related to the application or some system action. Annoying issues are more tolerable if you know what is going on.

I would love to see this feature included along with a simple CPU meter showing COMODO CPU and RAM usage.