Option to preserve some cookies

From time to time is a good thing to delete all your cache, cookies etc. However, there are some cookies you would want to preserve. Examples include google search settings, your own site/blog login/preferences and so on. It is a pain to have to edit those settings again and again after you deleted cookies.

I suggest a list of sites that users can edit, adding or removing sites to that list. Cookies emerging from those sites will survive the global privacy purge button.

Thank you.

I personally have Comodo Dragon set to block all cookies unless the site is in the exclude list, so for every site I want to visit and that also needs cookies, I have to go into the exclusion list and add “[*.]examplesite.com” that way I don’t collect lots of cookies all the time so I don’t have to really have to wipe away cookies.

There are extensions with whitelist capabilities, one example below or search the web store for others.
Vanilla Cookie Manager


I’m living in wait of This extension been developed for chrome.
With the destruction timer set to 1 or 2 seconds it’s getting close to real time cookie control :slight_smile:
Of the few cookies I allow to exist in my browser none survive a sandbox reset, I do not find any downside to this as I use Lastpass so logging into a site is as simple as visiting it.

Allowing an easily created, personalized “white list” (similar to CCleaner) should satisfy all users. Those who do not wish to save any cookies can ignore the feature. Those who wish to save those cookies that preserve certain site settings may choose which cookies to save. Those who wish to save everything may do so at their own peril. They key is personal choice.

COMODO could add a “warning label” or “are you sure?” screen to the white list feature to educate the user about the potential privacy issues involved.

This personalized white list feature should be consistent across all COMODO products – Dragon, Ice Dragon, System Utilities – so that one COMODO product does not destroy a white list painstakingly created by another app.

I am happy with how it is implemented in Opera. It is very basic: clean new cookies upon exit. It does the trick for me to preserve logins for several web sites and forums.

The easy solution is to not use the purge in the browser at all. you can set CCleaner to delete your data but retain certain cookies and that’s how I do it.

I use ‘Keep local data only until I quit my browser’ (Advanced/Privacy/Content Settings) and have my important cookie sites in the exceptions (allow) - these will be preserved then… this way you already have kind-of the list, you wanted, don’t you? and after set-up everything runs automatically with every browser shutdown :slight_smile: