Option to ignore the "At risk" when not using Comodo's firewall -Comodo Firewall

I have a suggestion for Comodo Firewall. I have installed it mainly for it’s auto-containment and HIPS, but I use my AV (not Comodo) firewall instead of Comodo’s. I know it sounds strange to disable the firewall in Comodo Firewall, but it has so many other useful functions. The suggestion I have is to have the option to ignore the “At risk” warning when you disable the firewall in Comodo, because I use another firewall while still using Comodo for auto-containment and HIPS.

Suggestion: Instead of Comodo Firewall saying “At risk - Firewall protection is disabled” when disabling the firewall, it should if you have another firewall turned on, said “Secure - another firewall is currently activated” (as an option).

Anyway the product is excellent!


Does anyone like this idea?

I dont mind if it would be implemented but, but i dont know of usefull it would be for the majority of the people, so i would vote: Neutral/maybe.

(Btw, dont forget to vote on your own wish)

Yeah, it would probably not be useful for most users, but they could add it as an option. It looks creepy when it says ‘At risk’ lol.