Option to block all ads on a per site basis which creates a list.

Currently we can select ‘Deliver TrustedAds from AdTrustMedia’ or ‘Block all Ad Networks’.

On occasions there are some sites that you would like to be totally ad free, while leaving trusted ads available for all other sites.
I would like an option to ‘Block all ads on this site’, which then gets added to the block all list (PrivDog will block all ad networks on the websites listed below).

Please vote, thank you from Captainsticks.

I voted yes, simply because I don’t want any ads.
I strongly agree with another member here, “ads are ads”.
Even Google does similar with ads on smartphones.
To me programs of PrivDog’s nature should not be released to the wild unless there is an option to block all ads.
On a side note, Google’s selective ad approach is the reason they banned all ad blockers from the Play Store. They interfere with or hinder Google’s ad pushing tactics.
I still use (updated) Adaway on my phone. :slight_smile:

I think no need to adtrustmedia. :stuck_out_tongue:
agreed tu buchanan “ads are ads” :-TU

Voted yes +1