Option to automatic update

Presently the antivirus update feature is integrated as check for update before scanning in realtime, manual and schedule scanning. Since most people do not keep the internet connection as ‘always on’ this method does not seem to be worth. Also, for realtime scanning I feel it is not needed as it is supposed to be always monitoring.

I think we should have another option of ‘Virus Databse Update Settings’ instead of ‘Update virs databse’ now. In which we can integrate it as :

Update daily at hh/mm method, another tick option - if missed check when internet is connected

Of course there should also be a provision to uncheck update daily, in which case, the present ‘Update virus database’ button can be used, manually.

I realise that CIS do check for virus update, but the timing is not known or shown in the GUI.

Directly from the help info.

Antivirus Tasks > Common Tasks
Update Virus Database

In order to guarantee the relevance of your antivirus software, it is imperative that your virus databases are updated as regularly as possible.

Our anti-virus database is maintained and updated around the clock by a team of dedicated technicians, providing you with the solutions to the latest virus outbreaks. Updates can be downloaded to your system manually or automatically from Comodo’s update servers.

[b]To manually check for the latest virus Database and then download the updates

Click on the Update Virus Database from the main Antivirus Task Manager Screen.
Note: You must be connected to Internet to download the updates.

A dialog box appears, showing you the progress of update process.[/b]

On completion, your virus database is made up to date.

When infected or possibly infected files are found, if the anti-virus database has been not updated for a critically long time, or your computer has not been scanned for a long time, the main window of Comodo Antivirus will recommend a course of action and give a supporting explanation. We have customized our application to achieve optimal performance based on the extensive expertise of Comodo in the anti-virus protection business.

Automatic Updates

Comodo AntiVirus checks for latest virus database updates from Comodo website and downloads the updates automatically. You can configure Comodo Antivirus to download updates automatically in the Scanner Settings for Real Time Scanning (On-Access Scanning) and Scheduled Scanning. Refer Real Time Scanning Settings and Scheduled Scanning Settings.

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Aware of the things mentioned. This is my wishlist.