Option gone in dragon://flags/

Just updated to and the dreaded download toolbar was back so i went to dragon://flags/ to enable “New Downloads UI” but low and behold it is not there .

A bug or have u moved it ??

if you have totally removed it it the bring it back please

Hi and welcome tazd,
For unknown reasons this is also removed from Chrome.

The following extension might help, it will close the bar once downloads complete.
Always Clear Downloads
There maybe other extensions to help replace the missing functionality.

thanks for the info but that extension is not whats need by me anyway at least. Have also posted a note in the chrome forums asking the dev team why they removed that feature

Don’t you mean half-started non-feature?

The “New Downloads UI” was never supposed to mean “no downloads bar at all”. That was the half-started problem all along. Some Chrome dev only got started doing the easy thing of removing the old downloads UI (so no download bar), but never actually started any work on the New Downloads UI.

Guess they realized there’s no point providing an development flag for new UI since the new UI has only been vaporware for so long.