Option "Go to folder" not available in Comodo CIS Free v. [M2407]


I wish to inform you that I have noticed a bug since I switched from Comodo CIS Free v11.0.0.6744 to Comodo CIS Free v., without having modified my configuration.

You will see in the attached screenshots that the option “Go to Folder” is not available in the following sections of Comodo CIS Free v. settings:

  • Firewall / Program Rules
  • HIPS / HIPS Rules
  • Advanced Protection / Analyze Exclusions

This bug does not occur in the following sections of Comodo CIS Free v. settings:

  • Files Evaluation / Groups of files
  • Files Evaluation / Files List

I tell you that this situation occurs on my two computers running Comodo CIS Free v.
One computer is running Windows 10 Pro x64 and the other is running Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

I insist that this situation appeared just after the Comodo CIS Free update v. for the Windows 10 Pro x64 computer, previously this problem did not exist with Comodo CIS Free v11.0.0.6744.

For the second computer, running Windows 7 Ultimate x64, I installed Comodo CIS Free v. directly after formatting and reinstalling Windows, and then restored my saved Comodo CIS configuration. Therefore the problem appeared immediately.

I remain available for any further information.

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Nobody else noticed this bug?

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Yes I can confirm as it does work on v11, it is the weekend so they probably won’t get to it until Monday.

Should be fixed in